Home Inspection Cost Edmonton

I’ll want to warn you before you check out our prices, We are the most expensive company in town and it’s all about technology time and our people we walk all roofs provided it’s safe to do.

So if we can’t access a roof using a 28-foot extension ladder we’ll arrange for a free drone inspection.

We have a methodical process for our home inspections which starts at the top, yes we enter the attic too and we never leave a mess so to bring it back to the price we charge more because we’re worth it while there are no guarantees in this profession we do guarantee your satisfaction if you don’t feel that your Pleasantview home inspection was worth every penny.

we have a proven process we use the best technology and our inspectors have some of the best training available but don’t take our word for it take a look at our online reviews to see what past customers had to say thanks for checking us out to schedule your home inspection online. If you have any questions give our office a call

Type PricingStandalone Pricing
PreSale Inspection$449.00
PreSale Follow Up Report With Buyer$249.00
Fit and Finish Inspection – New Build $499.00
Apartment Condo ( up to 1000 sq ft)$249
DryerApartment Condo ( excess of 1000 sq ft$299.00
Townhouse ( No Exterior)$449.00
Carriage Home With Mechanical$349.00
Modular Home (Single Wide)$449.00
Modular Home ( Double Wide)$499.00
House ( Up to 1500 sq ft)$524.00
House ( 1500 – 2000 sq ft)$549.00
House ( 2000 – 2500 sq ft)$599.00
House (2500 – 3500 sq ft)$649.00
House (3500 – $4500 sq ft)$699.00
House ( Excess of 4500 sq ft)Quote Only
Detached Garage / Shop Single / Double$25.00
Detached Garage / Shop up to Triple$50.00
Additional Legal / In-Law Suite$50.00
Older Than 1950$50.00
Additional Technical Services
Sewer Scope$249.00$349.00
Water Quality test ( Microbiology And Potabilty)$399.00
Well Equipment Test ( $120 Travel fee for 1 Hour +)$299.00
Well Draw-down and Recovery Test$599.00
Septic Inspection$599.00
Mould / Indoor Quality Inspection$349.00$449.00
Wett Inspection ( Up To 2 Fireplaces, add $50 Additional$349.00$399.00
Pest Inspection$199.00$249.00
System / Drone Inspection with Report$299.00