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We at Pleasantview home inspections know that buying a home is a significant process and has a heavy price tag attached if you make the wrong decision. When you’re spending a large amount of money, it is so important to get a home inspection, in comparison, you will spend a small amount of money but ensure that your home is as it should be and thus be confident in moving forward with the home purchase. 

Our team of certified and experienced home inspectors will provide an unbiased home inspection and will look for everything that may be wrong with the home by using specialist devices to find major or minor defects. Additionally, we will make an extensive report that will show the buyer the condition in which they will be buying the home. Also, we will look over our findings with you to point out key details of the report and help answer any questions you may have.

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Home Inspection Services – Edmonton & area

When choosing a home inspection company to evaluate the condition of your potential home, it is key to remember to ask, what will they cover in their inspection, the process of the inspection, what can you can expect, and most importantly what they don’t cover. Our company reviews all these steps with the home buyer during our initial conversations and also encourages the buyer to be present during the inspection so that the home inspector can point out things they see and you can ask questions along the way. In addition to our extensive general home inspections, we also are able to offer our clients additional services, such as sewage line inspections, thermal imaging, radon screening, and chimney inspections. The more you know about your home will allow you to make an intelligent decision with one of the largest purchases of your life and avoid costly omissions.

In conclusion, a properly done home inspection with a competent and thorough company will provide many advantages to both the seller and buyer of the home. Our home inspectors and their detailed reports can alert you of major issues, and avoid costly findings after or before your purchase or sale, thus giving you an idea of the number of repairs and issues needing to be addressed. This will enable you to have greater leverage in price negotiations and give you confidence in understanding your purchase or the price of your home.

Let’s talk about home inspections, the first place to start in making sure you get all the details of your dream home is with a general inspection. So what does a general inspector, inspect?

Home Foundation Inspections

First off is the foundation. For the foundation, we will be checking for horizontal cracks and vertical cracks, this will be a major indicator if your home has any structural issues or if it is a minor defect. As we examine the foundation, an important part will be inspecting the grading and drainage of the home. We want the water to move away from the home, this will ensure your home is not pooling water and causing damage to the foundation. This will be a huge bonus if we can get an inspection done on a rainy day. Just a reminder that if your basement is finished it will be hard to determine with the visible eye what the condition of the foundation is, but that’s where our handy infrared red camera helps us determine if there is any moisture in the walls. While he is in your basement, they will be checking water intrusion, and odours, if we have any concerns we can refer you to another company for a mold inspection.

Home Exterior Inspection

The next one they’re going to look at is exteriors and as we go around we will be asking ourselves questions such as does the house need to be painted? Are the gutters and downspouts firmly attached to the house and how far are they from the foundation? This is important for keeping water away from the home. What is the code electrical outlet outside the house? And are they GFCI protected and fully functional? This will ensure that the circuit will automatically shut off if an electrical fault is suspected. The inspector will also physically be opening all doors and windows and will let you know if anything needs to be replaced or what issues need addressing. They will also examine the fences’ structural integrity and their safety for homeowners. The driveway and stairs will be inspected to ensure they are no tripping hazards and the stairs have the needed railings in place and are structurally sound.

Roofing Inspection Edmonton

The roofing will be inspected for materials, how was it installed and if it needs updating, the age and how many layers are installed, how the valleys and flushing are sealed and installed correctly, how the gutters are maintained and whether will they provide adequate drainage and prevention of ice dams. If the home has a fireplace, we will inspect the condition of the masonry chimney and any other materials which were used. As we move from the roof to the attic, we will examine the attic for water damage, how the interior structures look, and if there are any signs or leaks and the insulation condition. If the attic is ventilated properly and there are any rodent signs.

Electrical Inspection

Why do You Need To Inspect Electrical Panel

We will thoroughly inspect all aspects of the house’s electrical systems, including the main panel, sub-panel, receptacles, what type of wires are running within the home, if the switches and outlets work and if the outlets are grounded. We will let indicate in our report if the panel needs to be updated or is on the recall list, and if the panel is full or can be expanded. This will be good to know if you plan to add more appliances or if you’re looking to remodel.

Plumbing and HVAC Inspection

Another item they will review in detail is the plumbing and HVAC, this will include, all toilets, showers, faucets, sinks, and basically anything draining water. This does not include a sewer inspection, this is an additional service we provide that we would highly recommend asking for in the general inspection. As we move onto the HVAC systems, we will inspect the condition of the furnace and how it is functioning, also any air condition unit. But it is important to remember that air condition inspections can only be done during the warmer months. The hot water tank will be inspected for age, condition, and if it was installed properly.

As well the general inspector is a generalist it’s kind of like your general practitioner doctor who might refer you to an ear nose and throat doctor. The general inspector may refer you to a specialist like a plumber, roofer, or electrician for further evaluation.

Pleasantview Inspections
Edmonton Home Inspection Services
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do home inspectors check?

A home inspector will check your home from top to bottom and side to side. They will be inspecting all aspects of your home that is accessible and visible. Therefore, they will be checking your structure, exterior, plumbing, electrical, heating, and interior, amongst many other systems. The inspector will then provide you with an extensive report with as much detail about your home as possible.

Are home inspections required to purchase a home?

Although a home inspection is not mandatory in Alberta. It is highly recommended, it will provide you with a thorough insight into a home that you have no previous knowledge about and give you possible financial leverage in negotiations or prevent you from making a costly mistake. Knowledge is power after all. In addition, home inspectors are regulated in Alberta, which means they must have a license and you will have peace of mind knowing that they are regulated by a code of ethics.

Can you fail a home inspection? What happens after this?

A house does not pass or fail inspection, you just get a very long report, with everything wrong in the house. Also, an inspector’s not going to give you a glowing review of the house for two reasons. One that’s not what they’re paid to do, they’re gets paid to give you a bad review of the house and tell you everything that’s wrong with the house. And two it’s a huge liability for them, so don’t expect them to be like oh my god this is the greatest house I’ve ever seen. What you should do when you are speaking with the inspector is keep on asking if is this normal. So for example is rat poop in the attic normal? yes, it is, it is gross but it is normal. Is a water heater working past its lifespan normal? yes, it is. So these are normal things, when something is not normal that is a cause for concern and may require extra inspections.

How much does a home inspection cost?

The general inspection takes about two to four hours and costs on average about 300 to 500 dollars. The rule of thumb is the smaller or larger home is, the more the inspector has to check and thus spend additional time to make sure they are covering all aspects of the home in their inspection report.

Home inspections are one of those things in life that you never regret having done, but if you don’t, you will be kicking yourself for a very long time. As we have reviewed a properly done home inspection has many advantages for all the parties involved in the sale and purchase of the home. From the realtor to the seller and most importantly the buyer, it can quicken the sale of the home and let the buyer know that the seller is serious and has taken into account the home inspection into the price of the home. From the buyer’s viewpoint, it will guide you in your decision-making process and protect you from possible unknowns and give you ease in making a home purchase decision. In conclusion, our home inspectors are objective in our reports and want to educate the homeowner and any potential buyers about the health of the home and protect your purchase and keep you and your family safe.

Pleasantview Inspections
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